Dave has been teaching privately for nearly 20 years and he has developed a reputation as the technique/body mechanic specialist for drum set. He has helped many of the world's best players as well as top educators "get out of their own way" by being as efficient as possible in regards to conservation of motion and energy.

The more we’re able to remove our bodies from the equation and let the instrument do the work, the more we can relax. The more relaxed you are, the better your time, tone and feel will be. Let's not forget that we're hitting wood, bronze, and mylar with sometimes a huge amount of velocity, so this conceptual/physical approach will also have a massive effect on stamina as well as shortening muscle recovery periods when performing live or in the studio.

Lessons are available in person in Los Angeles as well as online via Skype. If you're interested in booking a lesson or would like more details, please fill out the form in the "CONTACT" section of the site.


Benny Greb

“Dave Elitch is a rare breed. He is an experienced pro who is hugely passionate about teaching and is also great at it. He cares and makes sense, can demonstrate everything but even more importantly can go out of the way and help the student to do it very quickly on his own. Even if you are in town for a day take at least an hour with him. and if you can - go on a longer journey with him. I can really recommend it. Not many people are so knowledgeable, so good at what they do and have simply such a good heart. I think he’s awesome.”


Chris McHugh

Keith Urban

"I have spent most of my career unsatisfied with my drumming technique. It’s scary to pull up the shag carpet, the rug pad, the shit linoleum and get down to what you hope is Brazilian Rosewood. I had my first lesson today with the only man I think is qualified for the job. Dave Elitch is nothing short of brilliant as a musician and a damn fine human being too. If you are a drummer and you’re anywhere near LA, I suggest you go see him."


Bill Burr

“Dave is the best! I learned more in the first month than I learned in the 20 years prior. If he can make a comic sound good imagine what he could do for someone with actual musical ability. “


George Bedford Daniel

The 1975

“Dave saved my arms and hands! He made me see I️ could, in fact, contrary to my belief, develop technique that would save me from blisters and help solve tendinitis from many years of horribly inefficient technique. He taught patience! An incredible player, really great teacher and all round lovely human!”


Jason McGerr

Deathcab for Cutie

“I’ve been fortunate to sit with some of the best educators in the world and I absolutely consider Dave to be one of these people. Through obvious passion, dedicated playing and a dialed teaching philosophy, he’s developed an intuitive sense to look at both the internal and external approaches of each student, thus allowing him to make subtle adjustments or suggestions that provide the player with immediate understanding and contemplation, not to mention the inspiration to believe that real change is possible for anyone.”


Gregg Bissonette

Ringo Starr/DLR

“Dave is one of my favorite drummers to listen to, he has it all going on in every style. Luckily for me, he said that he loved to teach (as I do) and that he would be happy to take me on as a student. He is incredible at breaking things down and telling me exactly how he does them. I love practicing the things he shows me. He's an incredible musician. I’m really looking forward to my next lesson when I get back home from this awesome Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band tour in 5 weeks.

Thanks for being a big drumming inspiration Dave!"


Ben Barter


“Dave quickly undid decades of bad drumming habits that were affecting my playing and doing damage to my body! I sit completely different now, which frees up my feet helping my feel, and I no longer hurt my body during long tours. Thanks Dave!”


Michael Miley

Rival Sons

“Two and a half years ago, after years of touring, working, and experiencing some success, I found myself hitting a plateau - that of fluidity, creativity, dexterity, posture, and technique. I called Elitch and it changed everything. I must say, it was extremely humbling, as I basically had to start from ground zero, man. With Dave, reducing and distilling my technique to the utmost economical and efficient way was possible and clear-cut. Nothing worth anything comes easy but I heeded his advice and methods, and worked my ass off. Dave was there for me, to keep me honest, and to guide and direct me to improve myself.”


David Palmer

Rod Stewart

“I always come away with valuable tools which I can apply to Recording and playing Life. Dave’s approach to teaching is amazing he breaks it down in a way I can understand. Get centered , relax , and stay out of the way .“


Blair Sinta

Josh Groban/Melissa Etheridge

“The most effective types of teachers teach students concepts so the student can then apply that knowledge to teach themselves. Dave is that kind of teacher. In my case he worked with my grip and posture. This in turn has helped my consistency and timing which has helped my playing become more effortless. Invaluable information.”


Brendan Buckley

Shakira/Tegan and Sara

"Dave possesses the powerful combination of artistic passion and technical ability. He’s a motivational and inspirational dude, both on the drums, and in life. I value his friendship immensely.”


Shane Gaalaas

The B’z

“I can't speak highly enough about studying with David. After just two lessons, he was able to pinpoint some weaknesses in my technique and give me new insight on how to convey what I heard in my head into actually playing it - some of the most profound and intangible cognition to tap into as a musician, definitely not the stuff of YouTube. His methods are clear, concise and focused without wasting time learning licks or BS. If you're serious about taking your drumming to the next level, I would highly recommend Dave. My playing has never benefitted more.”


Ben Sesar

Brad Paisely

“Yesterday was a lesson in humility and growth. No matter where you are in your career/path, there’s always room to improve. Case in point: drummers, do yourself a favor and take a lesson with Dave Elitch . He has an amazing and refreshing way of looking at movement and ergonomics. I am changed from this day forward. For the better...”


Dave has also helped:

  • Benny Greb - Educator/Clinician

  • Bill Burr

  • Tim Ferriss

  • Dominic Howard- Muse

  • George Bedford Daniels – The 1975

  • Chris McHugh – Keith Urban

  • Gregg Bissonette – Ringo Starr/DLR

  • Jason McGerr – Deathcab for Cutie

  • Jimmy Chamberlin - Smashing Pumpkins

  • Lil John Roberts - Janet Jackson/Stevie Wonder

  • Toss Panos - Robben Ford/Michael Landau

  • Jose Pasillas - Incubus

  • Brenden Buckley – Shakira/Tegan and Sara

  • Blair Sinta - Josh Groban/Melissa Etheridge

  • Eric Hernandez – Bruno Mars

  • Jeremy Stacey – Noel Gallagher

  • Chris Maas - Mumford & Sons

  • Frank Ferrer - Guns n’ Roses

  • Jorma Vik - Eagles of Death Metal/The Bronx

  • Daxx Nielsen - Cheap Trick

  • Adam Christgau - Troye Sivan

  • Griffin Goldsmith - Dawes

  • Zach Lind - Jimmy Eat World

  • Michael Miley – Rival Sons

  • Ben Barter - Lorde

  • Michael Shrieve - Santana

  • Ben Sesar - Brad Paisely

  • Stacy Jones – Miley Cyrus/Matchbox 20/American Hi-Fi

  • David Palmer – Rod Stewart

  • Dan Bailey - Father John Misty

  • Mike Baker – Gavin DeGraw

  • Jack Lawless - Jonas Brothers/DNCE

  • Joe Zizzo - Bob Moses/Santigold

  • Steve Nistor - Sparks

  • Nate Lotz - Halsey/Ryan Adams

  • Matt Greiner - August Burns Red

  • Eric Scribner - Cirque Du Soleil

  • Kurt Sodergren - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

  • Dave Raun – Lagwagon/Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies

  • Shane Gaalaas - The B’z

  • Riley Breckenridge - Thrice

  • Chris Culos - OAR

  • Chris Berry - Yeasayer/AJR

  • Sean Hutchinson - The Bleachers

  • Tucker Rule - Thursday

  • Freddy Sheed - Lewis Capaldi/The Japanese House

  • John Herndon - Tortoise

  • Dino Campanella – Dredg/Crosses

  • Francois Comtois - Young the Giant

  • Gregory Rogrove - Devendra Banhart

  • John Clardy - Tera Melos

  • John Boecklin – Devildriver/Bad Wolves

  • Dash Hutton - Haim

  • Valerie Franco - Hayley Kiyoko

  • Ryan Winnen - COIN

  • Andrew Marshall - Billie Eilish

  • Dana Lamarca - Maggie Rogers

  • Tony Palermo – Papa Roach

  • Jason Sutter – Chris Cornell/Marilyn Manson

  • Elias Mallin – Ke$ha, Kill Hannah

    as well as many others...